Israel postpones appeal of Palestine families being displaced from Jerusalem

Israel's Central Court has decided to postpone the consideration of the petition of two Palestinian families against their forced eviction from the Batn Al-Hawa neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem. This morning, the court delayed the hearing on behalf of the Al-Rajabi and Abu Nab families until early next month. Outside the court Israeli police assaulted residents and members of the two families who gathered in a show of support. At least three people were arrested according to the Wafa news agency. 🇬🇧 This morning, occupation police arrested Adel Al Silwadi in front of the Central court. The goal is clear: move away the protesters standing with Batn al Hawa families. #savesilwan #savesheikhjarrah — Raghad (@Raghad02190516) June 10, 2021 There is growing concern that […]

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