IT HAS BEGUN! Liberals Prepare For Violent Riots As Hopes For Biden Victory Vanish – NewsWars

With Democrat dreams of a Joe Biden presidency slipping away, far-left activists have already started mobilizing their minions in the streets of America to physically resist a Trump victory.

Businesses around the nation have boarded up their windows, and it’s not in anticipation of rioting Trump supporters, while police departments prepare for civil unrest.

Trump Tower in NYC is being protected by several large NYPD vehicles.

Even the White House is preparing for a possible breach as a fence was erected around the perimeter on Monday.

Protests in Washington, D.C. have already started.

During the Democrat protest in D.C., a man wearing a MAGA t-shirt upset the liberals and told them he doesn’t wear a mask because his “strong immune system” would help him defeat the virus.

The man wasn’t the only counterprotester, as a group of dancers twirled flags to Christian music in the street near the liberal demonstration.

The protests won’t stop Tuesday night however, as Paul Sperry reports, an Obama-connected group has over 500 separate demonstrations planned for Wednesday.

On Monday, Infowars covered reports of a left-wing coup being planned by groups such as ShutDownDC.

In the following NewsMax report, Emerald Robinson touches on the far-left activist groups who are planning on hitting the streets in the event of a Trump victory.

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