IT’S A COMMUNIST ASSAULT: Black Lives Matter Leaders Are Trained Marxists – Supporters of Socialist Maduro Regime

The Black Lives Matter movement tore down a statue of American Founding Father George Washington was toppled and vandalized last week in Portland, Oregon.

Black Lives Matter, the group behind this movement of toppling of statues and symbols of American excellence across the country, is an organization of trained, committed Marxists.

As Cristina Laila reported last week — the co-founder of Black Lives Matter Patrisse Cullors — admitted in an interview last week that she is a trained Marxist and the goal of the movement is the removal of Donald Trump.

Patrisse Collors also admitted the goal is to destroy freedom.

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As Paul Sperry reported Cullors’ father and brother were in and out of jail and this shaped her deep hatred of police.

Another leader of Black Lives Matter, Opal Tmeti, traveled to Venezuela to cozy up to the communist tyrant Nicolas Maduro.

These are the people leading the Black Lives Matter communist movement to topple America.
The media won’t tell you this.

This is a person leading this anti-American movement.

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