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Jacob Blake’s Mom Begs for ‘Healing’ as He Fights for His Life

Jacob Blake’s Mom Begs for ‘Healing’ as He Fights for His Life

As Kenosha, Wisconsin, braces for a third night of protests against the shooting of Jacob Blake, the 29-year-old’s family on Tuesday decried racial injustice while calling for peace and the “healing of our country.”

“My son has been fighting for his life, and we just really need prayers. As I was riding through here, through the city, I noticed a lot of damage. That doesn’t reflect my son or my family,” Julia Jackson, Blake’s mother, said in a Tuesday press conference. “If Jacob knew what was going on, as far as that goes, the violence & destruction, he would be very unpleased.”

“Do Jacob justice on this level and examine your hearts. We need healing. As I pray for my son’s healing—physically, emotionally, and spiritually–I also have been praying, even before this, for the healing of our country.”

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