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Jail Guard Taken Hostage By at Least One Inmate at Oklahoma County Jail… Criminal is Streaming Live on Facebook (VIDEO)

UPDATE: An inmate has been shot and killed and the guard has been transported to a hospital in unknown condition.

At least one inmate has taken a security guard at the Oklahoma County Jail hostage and is livestreaming their crime on Facebook.

The hostage-taker appears to be using his victim’s phone for the livestream.

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In the video, the criminal says “we just want our food, we ain’t going to hurt nobody.”

The inmate also claims that they have been unable to take showers.

The jail is currently on lockdown and a TAC team is on the way to the jail, according to local station KFOR.

A large pool of blood could be seen on the floor in one of the videos.

This is a developing situation and the Gateway Pundit will be providing updates as it continues to unfold.

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