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Janji Running Pants Review

Scouting Report: These pants are lightweight, breathable, flexible, and great for running and even better for just sitting on the couch.

The problem, I’ve found, is that the weather sometimes doesn’t cooperate when I need to run or jump on my bike for a few miles to clear my head. Without gyms to go to for the past year and counting, I’ve almost exclusively relied on outdoor exercise to get my blood flowing and stave off insanity, but too often I’ve been stymied by rain or temperatures that fluctuate from too cool for running shorts to exceedingly warm for tights. Janji, a running brand on a mission to expand access to clean water, has made a pair of athletic pants that give me no excuse not to get outside no matter the weather.

Much of Janji’s extremely wearable line of running focused activewear is made so breathable and lightweight by the Transit Tech material they developed specifically for transitioning between the higher heart rate moments to calmer ones.This material makes these pants the lightest weight and most breathable pants I currently own. It’s already starting to get hot in Atlanta, but I already know that I’ll be wearing these pants all summer. As an added bonus that I could never imagine how much I would appreciate, Janji’s Transit Tech has waterproofing and wind resistance baked in that has kept me dry during spring showers.

The pants are snug, as you would want any piece of clothing to be when you’re moving, but they’re not overly tight either. The pants follow you when you move, but have nothing but give and accommodation when you need to use your full range of motion. In many ways it’s clear that these pants were designed and fabricated by people who actually run. There is enough pocket space for your phone, keys and wallet, but the pants also use a double looped weaver design on the inside of the leg to keep the fabric from sticking to my skin when I start to sweat. It’s hard not to appreciate the convergence of great design and practical wearability that Janji has managed in a single piece of clothing.

What I can definitely say is that for the past year these pants are either at the top of my drawer, getting washed or I’m wearing them.

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