“Leave Mummy Alone!” – Shock Video Shows Mother Arrested, Her Screaming Child Ripped From Her Arms by Sydney Police For Violating Lockdown Order

This was difficult to watch.

A mother was arrested near Parliament of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia on Saturday for peacefully protesting the Coronavirus lockdown order.

The woman, who brought her young son with her to protest, wore a yellow sign that read: ‘If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any. Magna Carta.’

The protester told the police that she wasn’t doing anything wrong by peacefully standing outside, however they harassed her and repeatedly asked for her name.

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The woman refused to give her name to the police and that’s when the police turned into aggressive Gestapo thugs.

The police ripped the woman’s young son out of her arms as they arrested her.

The young boy was kicking and screaming “leave mummy alone!” after the police forcefully ripped him out of his mother’s arms.

The police officers, who were not social distancing or wearing masks, said the woman was arrested for not complying with social distancing regulations.


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