Leftists Attack Washington’s Taylor Heinicke for Supporting Trump

Leftists Attack Washington’s Taylor Heinicke for Supporting Trump

Washington Football Team quarterback Taylor Heinicke became the focus of attacks over the weekend as leftists were reminded that he had been a supporter of President Donald Trump.

Heinecke started on short notice and played very well in Washington’s playoff loss against Tampa on Sunday night. However, in the wake of last week’s pro-Trump demonstrations in Washington D.C., many leftists took to social media to strike out at anyone who had been a supporter of the president, and over the weekend, it became Heinicke’s turn to face the attacks.

Former ESPN personality Jemele Hill signed onto the attacks with a “LOL” after leftist writer Tyler R. Tynes posted a tweet reminding fans that the player supported Trump.

Many others quickly took up the attack, especially after his standout performance on Saturday:

Still, former NFL player Torrey Smith jumped in to defend Heinicke. Smith insisted that Heinicke is not a blind Trumper.

“Taylor Heinicke doesn’t support Trump. He was ignorant as hell when it came to understanding the protest/riots and why everything was happening. His perspective was trash (like a lot of people I know personally) I was actually had a conversation with him about it on the phone,” Smith wrote.

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