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Lewis Black Brutally Mocks Trump Fans Fleeing Fox News for Newsmax and OAN

Lewis Black Brutally Mocks Trump Fans Fleeing Fox News for Newsmax and OAN

When Trevor Noah suggested on Wednesday night’s Daily Show that Fox News is now “the only place where Donald Trump can still be president,” Lewis Black stopped him right there.

“You’d think so, but actually Fox News is bailing on Trump too,” Black explained. After being the first to call Arizona for Joe Biden, he added, “More and more, they’re calling bullshit on Trump’s bullshit.”

After showing recent examples of at least some Fox hosts breaking with Trump’s delusions, Black said that while Fox isn’t necessarily “pro-Biden,” they’re “definitely Biden-curious.” He joked that he’d be “worried” if he were that network because “if there’s one thing Trump actually has experience in, it’s dumping blondes.”

Asked by Noah what Trump supporters will do now without Fox News on their side, Black predicted that would “take some time to process the loss, maybe disconnect from the media for a while, curl up with a good novel and consider that maybe they’d be happier not living in a constant state of seething rage and grievance.” Of course, he wasn’t being serious. Instead, they’re finding “somewhere else to guzzle their cocktail of made-up bullshit.”

“Right-wing fanatics haven’t fled like this since they were buying tickets to Argentina at the end of World War II,” Black added, breaking down how smaller outlets like Newsmax and OAN are “offering them a new place to call home.”

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