Madewell Anorak Raincoat Review

Spring is—thank goodness—almost here, and with inevitable rainy days around the corner, a great raincoat is a must. Someone once said that life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain. I don’t think they meant that literally, but Madewell’s Rainfall Anorak Raincoat sure does put a spring in my step on a stormy day.

This coat initially stood out to me because of its colorful spring pastels that are bright enough to be fun and soft enough to complement my other clothing. If I trust one brand to have on while I’m in any scenario where a meet-cute could potentially occur, it’s Madewell, and this coat is no exception.

Waterproof Rainfall Anorak Raincoat

While the anorak design is a classic and functional look (I loved Inspector Gadget growing up, but I don’t necessarily want to look like him) Madewell’s updates to the coat like the A-line shape and oversized fit appealed to me as a more modern interpretation of a timeless design. The jacket itself is lightweight and breathable, but the material is thick and sturdy enough to feel secure against rain and wind. It’s refreshingly fun to wear while also being something that I would still be taken seriously in as an adult. But perhaps the Rainfall Anorak Raincoat’s most functional feature is that it doesn’t have to be rainy to wear it out. With a flattering drawstring waist and copper snaps, this coat also serves as a sophisticated jacket for chilly mornings and windy days.

Did this coat mostly catch my eye because of its looks? Yes. Does it have exemplary raincoat integrity? Also yes. I am someone who purposely goes to the laundromat and grocery store while it’s raining to avoid crowds. This jacket made my little trick easier with features like double-entry pockets that keep my wallet dry and elastic cuffs that keep water from going up my arm while carrying one bag of towels and another bag of mostly mac and cheese ingredients. As a bonus, to make the Rainfall Anorak Raincoat, Madewell partnered with Better Cotton Initiative, an organization that promotes cotton sourcing sustainability and better working standards for those who work in cotton farming globally.

Just because something is essential doesn’t mean it can’t also be delightful. This raincoat serves as a switch hitter, keeping you dry and keeping rainy day blues at bay.

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