Mali’s Military Coup Leaders Announce Cancellation of Curfew Across Country

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NOUAKCHOTT (Sputnik) – Representatives of the military who took power in Mali have announced the cancellation of the curfew across the country, the National Committee for the Salvation of the People said on Sunday.

According to the committee’s statement, a curfew that had been in force for more than two weeks after the toppling of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita in August is canceled.

The coup rocked the West African country on 18 August when a group of Malian soldiers initiated an uprising at a military base near Bamako, the capital of Mali. The military demanded political reforms, a transition of power, and a new general election. Rebels kidnapped several high-ranking officials, including President Keita and Prime Minister Boubou Cisse. Keita subsequently announced the resignation of the government and parliament.

Leaders of countries around the world as well as international organizations have condemned the coup, with the West African ECOWAS union closing its borders and cutting political and economic ties with Mali.

The rebels established the National Committee for the Salvation of the People under the leadership of Colonel Assimi Goita, who was previously the commander of military forces in central Mali.

Representatives of the Malian military and the ECOWAS delegation have not yet reached an agreement regarding conditions for the transition to a civilian-led government.

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