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Man in ‘Joker Makeup’ Arrested For Threatening N.J. Residents With Weapon – NewsWars

A man wearing ‘joker makeup’ has been arrested for threatening residents of a New Jersey town with a sharp weapon, according to reports.

Assoumou Diby, 25, was apprehended in Haddon Township, New Jersey, after reportedly waving a sharp object “in a menacing manner” at local teens.

Multiple complaints indicating a suspect matching Diby’s description may have performed similar acts over the span of the previous week were reportedly filed with police.

“Police were called to the 400 block of W. Crystal Lake Ave. for a report of a man wearing joker makeup with a knife,” the Camden Country Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement. “According to the complaint, the teens said the man drove by very slowly while menacingly waving a pocketknife in front of his face. The man was later stopped, identified as Diby, and arrested in connection to the incident.”

“Throughout the week, Haddon Township Police received multiple complaints of a man in joker makeup walking around the area. Police said while Diby’s conduct in those previous complaints were disturbing to area residents, his conduct did not rise to the level criminal activity.”

Diby faces a charge of unlawful possession of a weapon.

At least one media outlet has identified as Diby as a citizen of the Ivory Coast, a small country in West Africa.

Alex Jones breaks down the brainwashed victims of the left being pushed to the brink of insanity.

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