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Mary Trump and Stephen Colbert Mock Uncle Donald for Bragging About ‘Acing’ Dementia Test

Mary Trump and Stephen Colbert Mock Uncle Donald for Bragging About ‘Acing’ Dementia Test

After a judge ruled that Mary Trump was free to speak openly about the revelations in her new best-selling book about her uncle Donald, Too Much and Never Enough, she has appeared on Good Morning America and The Daily Beast podcast The New Abnormal. On Wednesday night, she made her late-night television debut with Stephen Colbert. 

“Now before we get started, have you seen my show? Because I talk about your uncle a lot,” Colbert said. When she said yes, he asked, “Do you enjoy it? Are you OK with my show?”

“I think it’s amazing, actually,” she replied. 

The appreciation was mutual as Colbert clearly valued her insight into the man he makes fun of on a nightly basis. And as a clinical psychologist, he wanted to know how she would go about treating what she describes in her book as emotional damage her uncle suffered during his childhood. “Is there anything that could be done for the president to give him some sort of solace, which in some ways would be better for the rest of us?” he asked.

“It’s an awful answer, and I hate saying it, but I think the answer is no,” Mary Trump told him. “Partially because it’s extremely difficult to help somebody who is not aware he needs help. I think at this point in his life, it would be impossible for Donald to admit to any kind of weakness or incapacity that needs to be addressed. He also unfortunately seems to be surrounded by people who are perfectly happy having him behave the way he behaves now. Whatever their agendas may be, they’re not that interested in making Donald a better person.”

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