Media Reports ‘Peaceful Protests’ As Rioters Attack Police, Desecrate War Memorials, Vandalize Property And Attempt Arson – NewsWars

The British media reported that black lives matter protests were ‘largely peaceful’ this past weekend, despite video after video of ‘protesters’ attacking police, vandalising property, and even attempting to burn flags on war memorials.

The BBC and Sky news set the narrative:

However, footage showed police being literally chased and being pelted with projectiles by violent mobs:

A police officer was severely injured after thugs pelted her horse with bikes and projectiles. The media then claimed the officer ‘knocked herself off her horse’:

One idiot attempted to burn the flags on the Cenotaph war memorial:

While allowing ‘protesters’ to deface statues and memorials, police went after people trying to stop it happening:

by the evening, police were finally squaring up to the mob and arresting people:

The BBC continued to massage the narrative throughout the weekend:

When the protest doesn’t fit the narrative, the headline is switched around:

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