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Michigan AG Trashes Barber Who Opened Shop Defying Stay-At-Home Order, Says 'He's Not a Patriot'

Michigan AG Trashes Barber Who Opened Shop Defying Stay-At-Home Order, Says ‘He’s Not a Patriot’

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is trashing the 77-year-old barber who defied the state’s shut down order and opened up his shop.

Nessel referred to the shop owner, Karl Manke, as “not a hero” and “not a patriot.”

“We’re not looking to throw people in jail,” Nessel said of the owner of Karl Manke’s Barber & Beauty Shop in Owosso. “That is, to me, a very, very, very last resort. We want him to discontinue his conduct, which we think is aiding and abetting in the spread of the virus.”

Manke opened his shop last week in defiance of the state’s strict orders.

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“Mr. Manke, he’s not a hero to me,” she added. “He’s not a patriot. A patriot is a person that fights all enemies, foreign and domestic, and does everything possible to protect his fellow countrymen and countrywomen. And to me, Mr. Manke is doing just the opposite of that, and he’s being selfish in his behavior in that what he’s doing is allowing the virus to spread.”

The Washington Examiner reports that Nessel filed for a temporary restraining order against Manke’s shop reopening, but it was tossed out by a circuit judge in Shiawassee County. The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has also suspended Manke’s barber license.

Manke is facing a fine over over $1,000 after being cited by police with a civil infraction and two misdemeanors for opening his shop to cut some hair.

Manke was in attendance at the anti-lock down rally on Thursday. Hillary Clinton accused those protesters of being domestic terrorists because some of the people used their Second Amendment right to carry during the demonstration.

“The government is not my mother,” Manke said at the rally. “Never has been. I’ve been in business longer than they’ve been alive.”

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