New MIASIT mission for an Italian AF C-130 – ItaMilRadar

New MIASIT mission for an Italian AF C-130 – ItaMilRadar

This morning, at 10:35 CEST, an Italian Air Force Lockheed Martin C-130J (reg. MM62179, flight number IAM4612) left Pratica di Mare AB southbound.

The same aircraft is returned to Pratica di Mare AB around 17:50 CEST after a 7 hrs mission.

Thanks to our friend Sergio Scandura we’ve also another track of this mission, showing the Italian aircraft entering into the Malta FIR from south.

Apparently it would seem a routine mission for Misrata, where the Italian military hospital in Libya (MIASIT) is installed.

The only peculiarity, compared to the usual flights to the Libyan city, is given by the fact that the mission was departed and arrived in Pratica di Mare while these flights usually are departing and landing at Pisa San Giusto AB.

The hospital, built near Misrata airport, is of capacity that accommodates 60 beds and a main and extra operations rooms as well as an intensive care unit.

The Italian medical team consists of 70 doctors and nurses as well as 135 service staffers in all different sections of the hospital.

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