New Smart Electric Toothbrush from Quip Review

When I first got my quip toothbrush, I was immediately smitten. The low profile, sleek aesthetic that the brand adheres to fits my bathroom (and lifestyle) perfectly. It’s easy to use, to store, to travel with, and it’s an affordable electric toothbrush anyone can use. Now, the brand has upped the ante with their newest smart toothbrush.

The Smart Electric Toothbrush from quip has all the features that the original quip has, like timed sonic vibrations (to let you know you’re brushing 30 seconds in each quadrant for two minutes total), an easily replaceable battery, and a holder that sticks to basically any flat surface. But with the new smart features, you can connect via Bluetooth to the new quip app. The app lets you track and improve your brushing habits, while earning rewards towards quip gear like a storage case or refillable. You can see how many brush strokes per minute you get, your brushing vigor, and how much time you’re spending on your top and bottom teeth.

But what really blew me away is that quip is offering a standalone smart motor that fits into any existing quip toothbrush. That’s right. Instead of buying an entirely new brush to experience the analytics and benefits from the app, you can just swap out the motor. It’s pretty genius if you ask me.

Smart Electric Toothbrush

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