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No, Kanye West, I’m Not Gonna Let You Finish

No, Kanye West, I’m Not Gonna Let You Finish

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. — He jumped on stage wearing a bullet-proof vest, and with “2020” etched in his purple hair. Kanye Omari West’s first campaign rally as the third hopeful for president.

West’s first rally took place on Sunday, much like his church services. Like Donald Trump, he rambled about being a billionaire, and how Democrats are corrupt. He made promises he could never keep, like a pro-life “policy” — guaranteeing expecting women “a million dollars” if they choose against abortion. And, like Trump, he sparred with critics in the crowd and had one escorted out by security.

While Ye spoke for God there—describing himself as “Moses” and proclaiming that Jesus had called him “the Chosen One” — I don’t want to speak for God, but I have a gut-feeling that He was not pleased. I’d figured this rally would be outrageous, but I did not foresee a troubling hour capturing a man’s brokenness, emotionally fragmented by his late mother’s death.

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