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Nobody Shows Up for “Latinos for Biden” Parade in Vegas – NewsWars

A parade this past weekend held by Latino supporters of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden failed to materialize.

Videos of the underwhelming event held at Freedom Park show few supporters showed up to a car parade for the Biden-Harris ticket, an illustration of the campaign’s lack of enthusiasm.

“A handful of cars have gathered for the parade, decked out in signs, flags and car paint,” one Vegas journalist attending the event reported via Twitter.

The embarrassing turnout shows the Biden campaign is failing to muster support from Hispanics, despite incessant mainstream media rhetoric to the contrary.

On Sunday, President Donald Trump acknowledged support from the Hispanic electorate during his rally in Henderson, Nevada, Sunday attended by over 25,000 people.

“There’s nobody that knows our southern border better than, I call them, ‘the hispanics,’ I call them ‘latino,’” the president said. “You know, I say, ‘What do you prefer?’ It’s very interesting… some say, ‘Call us latino.’ Others say, ‘Call us hispanic.’ Others say, ‘Call us whatever the hell you want, we love you.’”

Meanwhile, Latinos for Trump organized a massive caravan in Miami, Florida, Sunday in support of the president.

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