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North Korea vows to sever ALL communications with Seoul — RT World News

North Korea vows to sever ALL communications with Seoul — RT World News

Pyongyang will cut off inter-Korean hotlines with Seoul, the government has threatened, insisting the south stop defectors from sending leaflets and other material across the DMZ, North Korean media reported.

Insisting the south must “pay the price” for tolerating “anti-Republican acts,” on Tuesday the North Korean government said it would begin severing communications with Seoul, starting with a number of hotlines established between the two sides. 

“The direct communication line between the Central Committee headquarters building and the Blue House will be completely blocked and discarded,” Pyongyang said, as cited by the KCNA, further vowing to end two other hotlines, including one between the two countries’ militaries.

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Last Thursday, Pyongyang accused Seoul of allowing defectors to send leaflets and other literature critical of the north into the country – usually on balloons – warning it would scrap a military agreement reached with the south in 2018 if more isn’t done to stop them. Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, also said the south would “pay a dear price” if it didn’t put an end to the leaflets last week, threatening to shut down an inter-Korean liaison office and scale back communications.

On Monday, Pyongyang did not answer a daily phone call from the south for the first time since the opening of the joint liaison office in 2018, Yonhap news reported, citing Seoul’s unification ministry.

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