Our Movement Is Stronger than It Ever Was

Our Movement Is Stronger than It Ever Was

President Donald Trump declared that his political movement was stronger than ever at a campaign rally in Wisconsin Saturday.

“Something is going on … you didn’t see this four years ago, because as good as four years ago was – that was incredible, the best ever, the best ever – this is much better. This is stronger,” he said as the crowd cheered.

The president spoke at his third rally of the day after voting in Florida Saturday morning and doing a rally in North Carolina and Ohio before ending up in Wisconsin at a late night rally.

Trump spoke about ramping up his campaign rally schedule – that he wanted to do five events in just two days.

“Something is going on, and they see it,” Trump said, referring to a press conference he had with reporters traveling with him on the campaign trail.

“I told you this was going to happen,” he recalled telling reporters. “You don’t remember four years ago? This is going to be a bigger version. We’re going to win by a lot more.”

The president urged his supporters to turn out in force and deliver a resounding defeat for Biden and the radical left. He said:

The people of Wisconsin must stop these anti-American radicals by giving Joe Biden a thundering defeat at the ballot box. Now it’s not Biden. Just say it, look, it’s not Biden. You know that it’s the people that totally control him.”

Trump pointed to Biden’s poll numbers tightening as the election drew closer.

“That party’s a mess, but their numbers are dropping like a rock, and mine are going up,” he said.

Trump said he would continue campaigning hard until Election Day.

“In the last two or three day, I’m going to do five of these, and then after this is over, I’m going to go back home and, if you don’t mind, I’m going to sleep for a while,” he said.

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