Paris’ Viral Graffiti Artist Wilfrid A. Is Accused of Serial Rape

Paris’ Viral Graffiti Artist Wilfrid A. Is Accused of Serial Rape

PARIS—If you’ve taken a casual stroll in recent years through the romantic streets of Montmartre overlooking the City of Light, you’re bound to have spotted the graffiti.

Instagram, the French press alleges, was one of his preferred hunting grounds. 

Written in plain black script with a bit of a flourish at the end, it reads “L’amour court les rues” (roughly, “love roams the streets”) and has decorated everything from walls to crosswalks to discarded mattresses. 

The slogan started appearing in Montmartre after the terrorist attacks of Nov. 13, 2015—a hopeful message in the aftermath of horror. In the years that followed, the words have added whimsical flourish to the neighborhood’s cobblestone alleys, vivid street art, and village-like vibe. 

The doodle has also become something of a viral phenomenon—appearing not only in other Parisian neighborhoods, but on the social media feeds of tourists and residents alike. Indeed, a quick hashtag search on Instagram yields thousands of photos bearing the familiar black scrawl, one of which belongs to yours truly. 

Like many others, I found the tag quirky, lighthearted and oh-so-French, and when I came across it on a cobalt-blue strip of wood above a ground-floor window, I took a quick snap and uploaded it to Instagram. 

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