Pence’s Pink Eye During Debate Ignites Speculation on Social Media, Sparks Concern VP Has COVID

Aside from the housefly that commanded the debate stage for a few minutes by sitting on Mike Pence’s head, his visibly infected pink eye has also sparked concern, causing people to question whether the vice president is healthy or infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus.

While the US vice president, Mike Pence, tested negative for COVID-19 prior to his Wednesday stand-off with the Democratic VP challenger, Kamala Harris, social media users paid lots of attention to what appeared to be his pink eye, suggesting that the infection may be related to conjunctivitis – a known symptom of the coronavirus.

Examining multiple close-ups, netizens spotted Pence’s left eye appearing visibly red and a teary. Speculation over the possibility that the vice president has COVID-19 and still attended the debate sparked a wave of condemnation.

According to an unnamed senior Trump administration official, cited by Politico, Pence’s pink eye is not a result of a COVID-19 infection. The unknown official reportedly said on Thursday that the vice president suffered from a broken blood vessel in his eye, adding that there is no reason for concern.

​So here is something that ought to shake us up a little bit. Pinkeye, or conjunctivitis, is a common symptom of Covid. And it sure look tonight as if Mike Pence had pinkeye.

Pence tested negative for COVID-19 despite being intimate with the circle surrounding US President Donald Trump, who has now been battling the coronavirus for several days, alongside the first lady, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, the POTUS campaign manager, Bill Stepien, and other unnamed White House officials.

The debates between the vice presidential candidates, Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, in which Pence appeared with his pink eye, were held on Wednesday in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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