Philadelphia Revels in Dooming Trump

Philadelphia Revels in Dooming Trump

PHILADELPHIA—As in other cities across America, thousands of people poured into the streets here early Saturday to celebrate the victory of President-elect Joe Biden over Donald Trump.

But the celebration in Philly was especially raucous, thanks both to the character of a city with a reputation for going hard, and because the longtime Democratic stronghold was savaged early and often by Trump as a corrupt, broken place.

Trump repeatedly hyped a legacy of “bad things” happening in Philadelphia on the campaign trail, specifically suggested his MAGA acolytes needed to poll-watch there for nonexistent fraud—which they did, to no effect—and generally talked shit about a town known for not countenancing insults.

Instead of buckling, the home of a vibrant working-class culture perhaps best embodied by a (possibly antifa-affiliated) hockey mascot, “Gritty,” powered the growing margin that pushed Biden over the top in Pennsylvania, delivering him the presidency.

“In exchange for saving the nation, Philadelphia humbly requests you stop bringing up that one time we threw snowballs at Santa 60 years ago,” said Lauren Vidas, a Democratic election lawyer here who’s been in the thick of unhinged GOP legal attempts to halt or dispute vote tallies.

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