Poland Reaches Deal With US to Purchase FGM-148F Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles, Reports Suggest


Sputnik International



WARSAW (Sputnik) – Poland inked a deal with the United States to acquire FGM-148F Javelin anti-tank missile systems, the Polish defence24 agency, which specializes in military news, reported on Tuesday, citing the Armed Forces Inspectorate.

The US is supplying Ukraine with similar anti-tank missiles. The $100 million sale to Poland was approved by the US State Department back in March.

Under the Washington-Warsaw deal, Poland will receive 60 launchers and 180 anti-tank missiles, the news agency reported.

Defence24 also said that Poland had signed an agreement to buy F-35A Lightning II multi-purpose aircraft from the US. The eastern European country will receive 32 planes, and the first shipments are expected between 2025-2026.

According to the news agency, Poland also signed several deals with domestic manufacturers to equip the military with artillery command vehicles, mortars and rifles.

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