Police and Protesters Clash for Sixth Fiery Night

Police and Protesters Clash for Sixth Fiery Night

Fiery protests over the death of George Floyd entered a sixth straight day across America, with stretches of Philadelphia turned into a war zone Sunday afternoon, with riots and looting met with tear gas and rubber bullets, and a Los Angeles police SUV reportedly slamming into a demonstrator before speeding off.

The alleged hit-and-run in Pershing Square downtown was captured on video shared by Twitter users on Sunday afternoon. Demonstrators chased the police vehicle after it hit a man, whose injuries are unclear, and spun around. As hundreds gathered for peaceful protests, others looted businesses in Santa Monica. One activist tried to stop looters from breaking into an REI store.

Cops in downtown Seattle hurled tear gas and flashbangs into a crowd of protesters, who ran from the smoke. People raised their arms and shouted, “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” National Guard trucks, with soldiers in camouflage, rolled through the streets where volunteers cleaned wreckage that morning.

In Philadelphia, TV news helicopters captured crowds of people destroying police vehicles, setting one ablaze, and ransacking multiple stores throughout the city.

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