Practice Makes Perfect: Training Routine of Flight Attendants

Every year on 12 July, flight attendants, who work in one of the most romantic occupations in the world, celebrate their professional holiday – the International Day of the Flight Attendant of Civil Aviation.

It may seem surprising, but this profession has an almost century-old history. It is believed that it started in Germany in 1928, when airlines began to hire people whose duties were to provide services during flights.

At first, the role of flight attendant was filled by men – usually former waiters in expensive restaurants.

However, in 1930, companies in the United States decided to start hiring women for advertisement purposes as well as for technical reasons – women usually weigh less than men, which was of great importance for aircraft at the time.

Besides the need to meet certain requirements, like having good personal appearance and health, applicants continue to undergo rigorous and multifaceted training: fire extinguishing and providing help in extraordinary situations, such as in high turbulence zones, when evacuating aircraft, etc.

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