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President Superspreader Tells Fox's Favorite Doctor That He’s Breathing Easy. Are You?

President Superspreader Tells Fox’s Favorite Doctor That He’s Breathing Easy. Are You?

The president is better! Or maybe not. Who knows?

Spoiler: Trump’s first on-camera interview since his abrupt return to the White House, with Tucker Carlson, did nothing to answer any of those questions, though we did get to see Trump lie and present half-truths himself.

It was one week ago that President Superspreader got into a helicopter on the south lawn in front of the White House and took off for Walter Reed Medical Center. Since then, we’ve heard doctors lying or presenting half-truths about Trump’s health. Was he on oxygen? No! Yes! Maybe! By Sunday he was either “not out of the woods” or “doing very well,” depending on whom you asked. When did he last test negative? None of your business!

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