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Protect Enhypen, Fans Urge as K-Pop Boy Band Got Stalked by Sasaengs

The boy band has not yet seen its debut but already has the attention of K-pop fans.

Netizens who are fond of K-pop, and there are many, were shocked by an accident related to the rookie band Enhypen on 26 September.

Videos of a mess created by sasaengs (fans who follow idols on official and unofficial schedules to take photos and video for their own websites) were spread on social networks and saw strenuous objection and indignation from fans worldwide.

Enhypen, a joint project of Big Hit Entertainment and Belift Lab, had a schedule in light of preparing for their debut and promotion in November, and appeared at the Gimpo International Airport in Seoul.

Some of members were pushed and fans created a dangerous situation not only in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic but seeing injuries to the idols, staff and others.

K-pop netizens were furious, trending #PROTECTENHYPEN worldwide at first to bring the attention of safety to agencies, artists and fans. Some recognised the sasaengs of other groups who participated in the so-called stalking. Belift Lab provided feedback after the accident and revealed some guidelines for fan behaviour

​Created as a result of the survival idol show I-land, by the Mnet broadcast channel, Enhypen consists of 7 members: Lee Heeseung, Park Sung-hoon, Kim Sun-oo, Yang Jungwon, Ni-ki, Jake and Jay.

The group’s official accounts were opened this September, a pre-debut promotion was announced, and debut is scheduled for November 2020 – highly anticipated by fans who have followed the members since their participation in the show.

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