Protester Accidentally Shoots Another Protester as Jeep Drives Through Crowd in Colorado – Videos

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The man was reportedly trying to hit a car that drove through a crowd of protesters gathered for a demonstration in memory of black man Elijah McClain, who was killed by police last year.

A protester opened fire injuring another person in the leg while attempting to hit a vehicle that drove through a crowd of demonstrators on I-225 highway in Aurora, Colorado, on Saturday evening, according to the local police department.

Footage from the scene has been spread on social media, showing a teal-coloured jeep driving at a high speed into the crowd as several gunshots are heard. According to witnesses on social media, the driver and/or the passenger in the jeep were firing at the protesters, though the information has not been confirmed by the police.

The jeep was towed and the police are now investigating the incident.

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