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Psaki on 'Full Context' of Biden Deputy Chief of Staff Pick's F-Word Comment: It's About 'Working Together'

Psaki on ‘Full Context’ of Biden Deputy Chief of Staff Pick’s F-Word Comment: It’s About ‘Working Together’

Jen Psaki, Joe Biden’s choice for White House press secretary responded to a question on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” about Jen O’Malley Dillon, the incoming White House deputy chief of staff, calling congressional Republicans an expletive in an interview for Glamour Magazine.

According to Psaki, the full context of the remarks was actually about “working together.”

Psaki said, “I know everyone is busy, but I encourage everyone to read the full context of her interview and what she really talked about through the course of the interview is the importance of working together, that compromise is essential, that we need to listen to one another. Of course, I’m sure her mother didn’t like the word she used, but that’s a sentiment that the president-elect has sent all of us, and we are expected to work toward that goal.”

“I don’t think we are naive about how hard it may be at times,” she continued. “There is disagreement in Washington, we all know that. We’ve all been around this town for some time, but we’re hopeful that because of the crises we’re facing because of the pandemic and millions of people out of work that we will be able to make progress.”

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