Putin’s Press Secretary Denies Reports of Russian President’s Shirt Being Sold Online


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At the end of June, a man on the classifieds website Avito posted an ad selling president Putin’s shirt. In a conversation with Russian media the seller claimed that the authenticity of the shirt could be verified via DNA testing.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitriy Peskov has dismissed the authenticity of a shirt that purportedly belonged to Russian President Vladimir Putin being sold on Avito, a popular classified advertisements website in Russia. “It’s not true”, Peskov said commenting on the advertisement, which claimed that Putin forgot his shirt at the Sheraton Hotel during a working visit to Nizhniy Novgorod. Earlier the man, who posted the ad, said the shirt was found by his friend, who reportedly works in the hotel.

Initially, the seller set a price of more than $2,500, but then dropped it. The shirt is now going for $2,311. The man claims that the clothing item is unwashed and there are no signs that could prove its authenticity, but says he is ready to test its authenticity via DNA testing.

Weird and absurd classifieds frequently appear on the Russian website Avito. People sell everything from invisible cloaks, buckets of snow, bosses (they are usually found in the category animals), to coffins an even their own siblings.


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