Quince Quick Dry Towel Review

These days, I’m looking for more and more ways to treat myself— one of those ways is with investing in an excellent towel. I mean think about it: it’s something you use everyday (I hope!) and should therefore be treated with a similar thoughtfulness as bedsheets or sweatpants. I want towels that can do their job (drying) and then some. I didn’t think this was possible, and then, I tested out Quince’s Turkish Quick Dry Towels. They do everything I want from a towel and more, for a lower price than I expected.

If you haven’t heard of Quince before, they are radically transparent about their pricing, a la Everlane, and they showcase how other brands increase prices as the supply chain gets more and more complicated. The quality in the towels, I’m here to tell you, is the same. For me, an excellent towel has two main criteria—it needs to be soft but not too soft, and it needs to dry me off quickly, and then dry itself quickly too. Don’t ask me how they’ve accomplished it—I’m not a towel scientist by any means—but they have. My towel is always there, willing and waiting, dry and ready to dry, and even after it wicks moisture off my body, it’s not damp for long. If quick-dry technology made you think of a microfiber towel, well, same. These dry almost as quickly, but are soft and plush enough for everyday use.

I’m a convert, and for the price, a pack of two is an absolute steal. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment with my favorite bathroom accessory (hint: it’s my towel).

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