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Fauci Warns Vaccine May Only Help Control Coronavirus Pandemic

Reckless Dr. Fauci Attacks Tucker Carlson Fans as “Crazies” After Tucker Goes Off on Fauci’s Failed Policies and Absurd Comments

The Gateway Pundit has reported repeatedly on Dr. Fauci’s many absurd statements, inconsistencies and outright lies.

His greatest mistake that cost tens-of-thousands of American lives was condemning hydroxychloroquine treatments for coronavirus.

The latest international testing of hydroxychloroquine treatment of coronavirus shows countries that had early use of the drug had a 79% lower mortality rate than countries that banned the use of the safe malaria drug.

This means that Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, the CDC, the liberal fake news media and the tech giants have been pushing a lie that has had deadly consequences!

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That could have been lowered by possibly 80% if HCQ use would have been promoted in the US!

This past week FOX News host Tucker Carlson ripped Dr. Fauci on his outrageous statements and failed policies.

On Saturday, rather than address Tucker Carlson’s complaints, deadly Dr. Fauci attacked Tucker Carlson fans.

When will Americans wake up and see that this guy is crazy?

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