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Records Dump Reveal Corrupt Mueller Prosecutors Melting Down Over Roger Stone

While we all already knew that the “prosecutors” who ran the sham trial and political persecution of Roger Stone were corrupt Obama political appointees, new documents reveal internal emails showing their meltdown following Attorney General Bill Barr’s recommendation to lessen the sentence for the longtime Trump advisor and New York Times bestseller.

“It Seems to Me You’ve Got One Problem – The Judge Disagreed with You” – Rep. Jim Jordan DESTROYS Mueller Gang Member Aaron Zelinsky in Hearing

The emails obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request from the Trump-hating website Buzzfeed News hardly exonerate the prosecutors in Stone’s case, as many believe they were aiming for with their request. The communications reveal prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky, a contributor to the Huffington Post and political appointee from the Obama-era sneaking around his boss and emailing other Assistant United States Attorneys in Maryland plotting his resignation from the case.

At 2:59 p.m. on Feb. 11, Aaron Zelinsky, one of the lead prosecutors in the criminal case against Trump ally Roger Stone, sent an email notifying his supervisor J.P. Cooney that he was withdrawing from Stone’s case.

In an email one minute later, according to the time stamp, Cooney tried to stop him.

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“I am not approving of you withdrawing from this case right now,” Cooney wrote in one of a set of emails obtained by BuzzFeed News through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Speaking to this GP reporter, Roger Stone slammed Zelinsky and the other prosecutors who resigned from his case following the lower sentencing recommendation, highlighting their corrupt criminal behavior during his case.

Mr. Zelinsky, a former contributor to the Huffington Post needs to stop pretending he is a “non-political career line prosecutor” and acknowledge he served as an attorney for Hillary Clinton at the State Department, a political appointment.

The seven to nine year sentencing recommendation was excessive in view of the fact that it attempted to increase my prison sentence based on crimes I had neither been charged with nor convicted of. This includes publishing a book (“The Myth of Russian Collusion”) in violation of the unconstitutional gag order placed on me by Judge Amy Berman Jackson (in fact, my book published prior to the imposition of her gag order) and threatening a federal judge (which I have denied under oath because the image alleged by the media to be a crosshair is in fact the trademarked logo of an organization called Corruption Central; which created the image that I posted). I was neither charged nor convicted of such an offense. There are others,

The excessive sentencing recommendation cobbled together by Zelinsky and former Obama White House Deputy Legal Counsel Jonathan Kravis also accuses me of “foreign interference” in our election— again, not an offense I was charged with or convicted of. While Judge Amy Berman Jackson had a free hand to levy any sentence she wanted to impose, she found the 7 t0 9 year sentence excessive. I have appealed my conviction to the DC Circuit of Appeals on numerous grounds.

Thankfully President Trump commuted Roger Stone’s sentence, referencing the corruption of Obama-appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson, the biased anti-Trump jury forewoman Tomeka Hart and the politically motivated prosecutors who handled Stone’s case.

BREAKING: President Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Sentence

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