Rep. Mo Brooks RIPS GOP “Quitters” Including #NeverTrumper Adam Kinzinger Who Are Unwilling to Do Their Homework on the Massive 2020 Election Fraud

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) the Republican leader who plans to challenge Electoral Vote counts next week in Congress joined FOX and Friends on Monday morning.

Brooks ripped his GOP critics Monday as quitters unwilling to do the “homework” needed to save the Trump presidency.

Rep. Brooks was directing his comments to Never-Trumper Adam Kinzinger who accused President Trump and his supporters of participating in an utter scam meant to raise money.

Kinzinger is an absolute disgrace.

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On Monday Mo Brooks blasted nasty Adam Kinzinger for not doing his homework and for being unwilling to make hard decisions.
Kinzinger is too busy bashing Trump and his 75 million voters.

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