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Russian bloggers sneaks into fighter jet plant in Moscow

Russian bloggers sneaked into MiG-29 fighter jet and MiG-AT advanced trainer final assembly and checkout plant and filmed abandoned fuselages of military aircraft.

Russian Youtuber with Den Stalk nickname has released an incredible video that showed how he with friends crept inside a factory in Moscov that previously produced legendary Soviet MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter jet and Russian MiG-AT advanced trainer and light attack aircraft.

He and her friends sneaked through a hole in the fence and were able to access many of the plant’s buildings unchallenged, including the assembly line of multirole fighters, without coming across a single security guard – or indeed any other employees at all.


The published video shows several fuselages of a rare MiG-AT trainer from an initial series that was developed in 1996. MiG-AT is a Russian advanced trainer that was intended to replace the Aero L-39 of the Russian Air Force. Designed by the Mikoyan Design Bureau and built by the Moscow Aircraft Production Association, the MiG-AT made its first flight in March 1996. It is the first joint aircraft development program between Russia and France and the first military collaborative project between Russia and the West.

Also spotted dozens of MiG-29 radomes made from fiber glass-reinforced plastic, boxes with spare parts and the fuselage of combat aircraft.

In addition, earlier in December 2020, The Drive has reported that unknown thieves have helped themselves to equipment from inside one of the Russian Aerospace Forces’ rare Il-80 Maxdome “doomsday aircraft.” The converted airliner, as a strategic airborne command post in time of nuclear conflict, was at an airfield in southwest Russia when the caper took place.

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