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Russian Cabinet Official Says Rossiya Segodnya, RT Are Leaders in Working With Internet Audiences

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russia’s news conglomeration Rossiya Segodnya and media juggernaut RT are leaders in outreach and innovation with internet audiences, Russian deputy minister of digital development, communications and mass media Alexei Volin said in an interview published Monday.

“I always say with pride that the professional standards of our media are very high. For example, if we talk about Rossiya Segodnya, also known as RIA Novosti and the Sputnik agency, and RT, then today they are definitely leaders in terms of working with an Internet audience. Their know-how, technologies for working on the internet and social networks are studied all over the world,” Volin said.

Launched in 2004, RT has become the first television network to hit one billion views on YouTube across its different channels.

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