Russian nurse wears BIKINI under sheer protective suit due to heat (PHOTO) — RT Russia News

Russian nurse wears BIKINI under sheer protective suit due to heat (PHOTO) — RT Russia News

A female nurse at a hospital in Tula, central Russia, has become an online sensation overnight after she turned up to work wearing nothing but underwear beneath a see-through protective suit, gloves and goggles.

The photo of the nurse, clad in a sheer plastic protective suit and carrying a tray full of medication she was about to administer to her ailing patients, has gone viral after it was first reported by the local daily Tulskie Novosti late on Tuesday. 

The image was reportedly taken at a regional hospital for infectious diseases in Tula, the largest city of the Tula Region, located some 193 kilometers (120 mi) south of Moscow. 

The patients of the ward allegedly did not mind the daring attire, and could not resist taking a glimpse or two at the unabashed nurse, a source who shared the picture told the publication.

However, the medical worker herself was reportedly unaware of her exposure. The same source said that the young woman decided to skip her scrubs since she felt overheated wearing protective clothing all day, and could not have possibly imagined that it would be translucent to such an extent.

The story has quickly grabbed headlines in Russia, drawing the attention of the local medical authority, among others. The regional health ministry reprimanded the nurse, noting that the staffer had violated guidelines on medical uniform.

“Employees were reminded of the need to comply with the requirements for sanitary clothing and appearance,” the ministry said.

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While the nurse’s decision to flout the rules and go for comfort instead did not sit well with the ministry and some of the commentators online, the majority of the public sided with the medical worker, showering her with compliments and praise.

“Well done to her! And the fact that she risks her life, nobody thanks her for that! And when it comes to a reprimand, here you are!” one said.

Another pointed out that by ditching her overalls, the nurse wanted to make it more comfortable for herself to tend to patients, and not to show off, arguing that the hospital administration should be to blame.

“Why are you all crying foul! Nobody has taken into account the fact that she dressed up like this because of the heat!!! The girl did well by showing that it was impossible to work in these conditions!”

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