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Russian Progress Resupply Cargo Spacecraft Docks With ISS – Video


Sputnik International



Roscosmos space corporation previously said that a Progress cargo craft would lift off for the International Space Station on 23 July, while a Proton rocket with communication satellites would head for orbit on 30 July.

Sputnik is live from the International Space Station as the Russian Progress-MS-15 resupply cargo spacecraft, which blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan hours earlier, has arrived to dock and deliver supplies, including food and fuel, to the Expedition 63 crew.

The flight to the ISS was the fifth via an ultra-fast three-hour (two-turn) flightpath. In future, it is planned to use it on Soyuz manned spacecraft, which currently fly to the ISS via a fast six-hour (four-turn) flightpath.

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