Scouted Guide To Shopping Purple Mattress, Sheets, Seat Cushion, and More

Purple is mostly known as a mattress brand. But, if you’re not shopping the rest of their products, you’re doing it wrong. Purple also offers pillows, sheets, seat cushions, and even face masks that are designed using similar technologies to their revolutionary mattress to upgrade your life and make it that much more comfortable and enjoyable. Because we love Purple so much, and want you to feel the same way, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Purple products. 


Starting with what they are most known for, Scouted Editor Jillian Lucas attributes the Purple Mattress to making her a better sleeper. “The way you sink into the specially-designed Purple grid is unlike any mattress I’ve slept on. You can physically feel your body being cradled by the dynamic grid, without it feeling stiff or hot like a lot of memory foam mattresses. It’s also made with thousands of open air channels so you sleep cooler. The bounciness of the springs also makes it ideal for people like me that toss and turn at night. Previously, the density of the memory foam of my Casper wasn’t something I had noticed, until I realized just how easy it was to sit up or change positions on the Purple.”


For working from home (and even for when we eventually return to work) Purple makes a seat cushion I can’t live without. “The seat cushion relaxes under pressure so things in your pants, like your wallet, or your butt, won’t take the brunt of the pressure from the chair—instead, the cushion will. It also allows for airflow thanks to the gridded technology, which makes me wonder if other seat cushions might lead to a sweaty butt (one can only hope not). And it allows for sitting for long times, like when you need to get work done, with up to 8 hours of sit time recommended.”


Scouted Contributor John Brandon is worried his wife is going to steal his favorite pillow. He writes, “The Purple Harmony Pillow literally feels soft and supportive at the same time, like a friend who is both tough on you and understanding. I slept better, especially since the pillow uses a ton of cool technology. First off, the Harmony uses “360-degree Purple Grid Hex technology around a hypoallergenic Talalay Latex Core” which not only makes me feel tired and a bit sleepy reading that but just sounds spectacular. Thank you to Purple for making a pillow that isn’t squishy and yet isn’t like sleeping on a couch cushion. They figured out how to make a pillow that helps you sleep because the technology actually worked — it felt wonderful.”


Scouted Editor Jillian Lucas wrote about the original Purple Sheets, saying they keep her cold all night long, even though she’s a hot sleeper. I tried out the new sheets, which “are a step up in every direction. Made from 67% Rayon from Bamboo Viscose, 23% Polyester, and 10% Spandex, they have a significantly more hefty, luxurious feel than the original sheets, and are even more “stretchyyy,” than their predecessors. They’re not just stretchy, they are bouncy and soft. In fact, it feels like a natural stretch, a stretch that all sheets should have, but simply don’t. The new sheets are even more durable and more temperature regulating, too. They are moisture wicking, kind of like your favorite exercise tee, to help you regulate heat so you don’t get too hot or too cold. Plus they come in a bunch more color options, like stormy grey, soft lilac, and morning mist to name a few that are muted, stylish, and chic.”


Purple makes a great face mask. “It comes in three sizes: one that’s perfect for your kids, another for smaller faces, and one if you’ve got a big head like me. The inner and outer layers are made out of breeze mesh so you don’t overheat and can breathe easy, and they are machine-washable. The ear bands are made with the same material they use on the Purple Grid seat cushion and mattress. They can stretch up to 400% its size without losing its shape or elasticity. The lining around the mask provides extra comfort that shapes to your nose and chin without irritating your skin, making them easy to wear for hours on end. Plus, they come in a Pack of two in case you lose one (I already did!).”

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