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Seattle ‘Autonomous Zone’ Has a Border Wall, Conducts ‘Deportations’ – NewsWars

Seattle, Washington’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) — formed by anarchists, Antifa members, and Black Lives Matter activists — has set up a border wall surrounding its perimeters and is seemingly conducting ‘deportations’.

CHAZ, a six-square block autonomous zone, has clear and precise borders made up of mostly vehicle barriers and various forms of fencing.

Photos from CHAZ show the border controls:

What’s happening now in Seattle happened 150 yrs ago in Paris. They called themselves “Communtards” — idiocracy is nothing new. It ended in tears.

Likewise, CHAZ occupants have seemingly conducted at least one deportation.

On Thursday, reporter Julio Rosas captured a moment where CHAZ occupants kicked out a man who said he was a pro-life activist and had been live-streaming from inside the autonomous zone.

The man was taunted by a mob as he was kicked out. The process was far less technical and impartial than the deportation process of the United States federal government.

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