Seth Meyers Exposes Laura Ingraham’s Wild Claim That Mask-Wearing Is a Liberal-Media Conspiracy

On Thursday night, Seth Meyers dedicated the latest edition of his “A Closer Look” segment to President Trump’s and the conservative media’s war on mask-wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Conservatives have decided to turn [wearing masks] into yet another dumb culture-war issue. Some have even theorized that it’s a media conspiracy to keep people permanently afraid,” explained the Late Night comic.

Cut to Laura Ingraham, a Fox News host whose college newspaper advisor once said harbored “the most extreme antihomosexual views imaginable” and whose own brother has called “a monster,” who indeed appeared to call wearing masks a liberal and media conspiracy.

“Rush Limbaugh made a great point, as he always does, on the radio the other day, and he said that the virus itself, as it weakens and states start reopening, the media that have been selling this panic, panic, panic for weeks and weeks and weeks, they have fewer images to sell their hysteria to justify continued lockdowns. But the masks, well, they’re kind of a constant reminder. You see the masks, and you think, you’re not safe, you’re not back to normal—not even close,” said Ingraham.

“OK, first of all, anytime someone says ‘Rush Limbaugh made a great point the other day,’ that’s your cue to exit the conversation. That’s usually the point on Thanksgiving where you excuse yourself, go to the bathroom, and take a hit off your vape pen…or frantically search the medicine cabinet for something that will get you high,” Meyers joked.

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