Several dead after blaze traps bed-ridden patients in hospice outside Moscow — RT Russia News

At least ten people have died after a fire ripped through part of a nursing home leaving about 20 immobile patients trapped inside the facility, its second floor being engulfed with flames. It’s unclear what sparked the blaze.

The fire, which erupted shortly after midnight local time, spread to the area of 15 sq. m. (160 square feet) before it could have been put down by the firefighters.

The blaze reportedly started at the second floor of the private elderly care home, located in Krasnogorsk, northwest of Moscow. The facility, that works as a hospice, has been housing dozens of patients. 

At the moment of the incident, about two dozen bed-ridden patients were inside, local emergencies services told Interfax news agency. At least ten of them have lost their lives due to the inferno.

A total of 17 patients were evacuated by rescues. Twenty people, among them both residents of the home and staffers were able to leave the facility on their own.

Overall, 37 people were inside the building when it caught fire.

The facility was apparently not authorized to care for terminally ill patients, or serve as a nursing home, spokesperson for the Krasnogorsk district administration told RIA Novosti.

“According to the documents, there should’ve been an ordinary house. No hospice has been registered here.”


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