Several Opposition Parties in Venezuela Not to Take Part in Parliamentary Elections

BUENOS AIRES (Sputnik) – A number of opposition parties in Venezuela will not be participating in the parliamentary elections set to take place on 6 December, a statement released by the National Communication Center of opposition leader Juan Guaido said.

“The Venezuelan democratic parties called on all the social and political sectors of the country to build a new democratic offensive for the salvation of Venezuela,” the Sunday statement says, adding that 27 parties have “unanimously agreed not to participate in the electoral fraud.”

The previous parliamentary election was held in Venezuela in 2015; the powers of the current convocation of the National Assembly expire in December 2020.

In January 2019, opposition leader Juan Guaido, who then headed Venezuela’s National Assembly, proclaimed himself interim president in a bid to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro from power. The United States and several other western countries have sided with Guaido, while Russia, China, and Turkey, among other nations, have been supporting Maduro, recognizing him as the only legitimate leader of Venezuela.

On 5 January, 2020, the National Assembly elected pro-government lawmaker Luis Parra to replace opposition leader Juan Guaido as its speaker. Guaido was barred from attending that vote by armed forces. Meanwhile, opposition lawmakers gathered at a local newspaper office and voted to re-elect Guaido as the speaker. In late May, Venezuela’s Supreme Court approved Parra as parliament speaker.

In June, Venezuela’s Supreme Court named the new leaders of the National Electoral Council, which will oversee the country’s parliamentary elections scheduled to take place on 6 December. Indira Alfonzo, a Supreme Court magistrate, was named as the new head of the National Electoral Council.

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