Shooting at New Mexico Protest Over Statue (Video of Mob Attack and Gunfire)

Shooting at New Mexico Protest Over Statue (Video of Mob Attack and Gunfire)

A shooting took place at a protest in Albuquerque, New Mexico Monday evening as armed protesters and armed counter-protesters with the New Mexico Civil Guard militia group gathered at a statue of conquistador Juan de Oñate that protesters wanted removed. Four shots were heard as the protesters tried to take down the statue. Video shows at least one person wounded. A reporter on the scene observed no police presence before the shooting. Details will be added:

Video clips posted to Twitter by KOB4 reporter Megan Abundis:

UPDATE: Video shows gunfire as mob attacked.

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More via New York Times reporter Simon Romero:

Before the shooting:

One protester was armed with a large knife:

UPDATE: Here is the moment the shots were fired from the Facebook video below.

Facebook live video shows chase before shooting that may indicate it was self defense. Advance to last two minutes to see mob chasing alleged shooter wearing blue shirt down the street as he retreated. The sound of the shooting is heard but not seen on the video:

Armed Militia (New Mexico Civil Guard?)Old Town, Albuquerque

Posted by Fight For Our Lives on Monday, June 15, 2020

UPDATE via the Albuquerque Journal (excerpt):

“The shooting occurred during a fight between a man in a blue shirt and people trying to pull down the statue. The man was pushed onto the street, pulled a can of mace from his pocket and sprayed it. At that point, the man in the blue shirt appeared to have pulled a gun and fired about five shots, wounding one.”

Photos and video of alleged shooter (from biased source):

Another video of the chase and shooting:

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