SICK. Salt Lake Tribune Reporter Andy Larsen Attacks Utah Jazz Coach for Donating to Black Republican Who Fought Against Racial Injustice for Decades

Salt Lake City Tribune sports writer Andy Larsen attacked Utah Jazz coach Quin Snyder for donating to a black Republican.

Snyder donated $500 twice to Republican candidate Burgess Owens, a former NFL player who is running for Congress in Utah.

Burgess Owens does not support the Black Lives Matter marxist movement. Because of this Andy Larsen thought it was his duty to try to get Snyder fired for donating to a Republican.

And for the record — Andy Larsen DID NOT MENTION in his tweets that Burgess Owens is a BLACK Republican.

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This is the modern day fake news media.
Intolerant, deceitful and full of hate.

Evidently, the NBA is off limits for Republicans and Black conservatives.
Thanks for clearing that up, Andy.

Larsen later said he was not trying to get Quin Snyder fired though.
OK. Got it.

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