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"Some of You Will Redefine What it Means to Be a Global Citizen" (VIDEO)

“Some of You Will Redefine What it Means to Be a Global Citizen” (VIDEO)

Beijing Biden on Saturday once again showed he is a globalist who will not put America first.

China Joe said to the class of 2020: “Some of you will redefine what it means to be a global citizen and lead the way in uniting people regardless of age, gender, race, or zip code.”

This shouldn’t surprise us because Biden recently bragged he would not put America first if elected president.

Biden has spent decades in government selling his public office to the highest bidder.

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Joe’s shady son Hunter still has 10% ownership stake in the Chinese private equity firm.

Biden has to be careful not to offend his global masters, so he makes sure never to put America first.


China Joe received a lot of backlash for his “global citizen” comment.

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