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South Korea to buy more attack helicopters

South Korea to buy more attack helicopters

South Korean media reported on Wednesday that the Republic of Korea Armed Forces has reportedly decided to buy additional attack helicopters.

On March 10, Bizhankook.com reported that the South Korean military has decided to buy more heavy-attack helicopters to lead the deployment across enemy lines should conflict erupt on the Korean Peninsula.

The new acquisition program will bring the number up to 72, essentially replacing the existing AH-1S Cobra 1:1, according to a report.


As a new helicopter, the Korean Army is considering primarily the American AH-64E Apache twin-turboshaft attack helicopter in the latest version 6 (V6).

The AH-64E Apache is the latest configuration of the attack helicopter. It is designed and equipped with an open systems architecture including the latest communications, navigation, sensor and weapon systems. It has an improved Modernized Target Acquisition Designation System that provides day, night and all-weather target information, as well as night vision navigation capability. In addition to classifying ground and air targets, the Fire Control Radar has been updated to operate in a maritime environment.

The South Korean Army now operates two Apache battalions. It bought 36 Boeing-built AH-64E Apache Guardian attack helicopters in 2013 under a Foreign Military Sales contract valued $1.6 billion.

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