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Stable Peace in Europe May Be Ensured Only Together With Russia, Bundestag Vice President Says

BERLIN (Sputnik) – Russia is remaining an important partner for Europe as the stable peace in the region may be ensured only together with Moscow, Vice President of the lower chamber of the German parliament Wolfgang Kubicki said.

“Russia has always been and is remaining an important partner in the common European home. The stable peace will be ensured in Europe only together with Russia, not against it,” Kubicki, who is a member of the Free Democratic Party, said.

German-Russian relations should not fall victim to the situation with opposition figure Alexey Navalny, and it is the common interest to establish truth without making hasty accusations, Wolfgang Kubicki said.

“These times, it is especially important that relations between Germany and Russia do not slide into the ice age. As for attacks on Russian dissidents or members of the opposition – recently on Alexey Navalny, for example, – we are facing many questions, which, in the common interest, we must clarify without premature accusations,” Kubicki said.

Navalny, who has recently been discharged from Berlin’s Charite clinic, accuses the Russian authorities of being behind his alleged poisoning. The Kremlin rejects the claims as extremely insulting and unacceptable, noting that no proof has been presented.

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